What if I don’t have a stationary trainer? Can I still participate?

You will need a form of stationary trainer to participate in the Tour. Check out the information on this page for all you need to know about equipment, accessories etc required to set-up.


Do I have to be part of a team?

No. Riding as part of a team is completely optional, you are more than welcome to ride solo and raise funds for Lifeline Australia through your rider profile once registered.

Do I have to be a corporate employee to enter? Can anyone enter?

Of course anyone can enter - the more money raised for Lifeline Australia, the better. Our corporate teams category has been designed to encourage larger oranisations to keep their employees active, engaged with other employees and boost team morale all round.

Will there be prizes and incentives for participants?

Yes absolutely! Although this challenge is not a race, we are encouraging entrants to raise as much money as possible for Lifeline Australia. So set your personal and / or team goals along the way and receive awards as part of hitting these milestones. We also have great prizes and incentives for early registrations, best dressed, most money raised as an individual and as a team.

I have registered to participate, but can no longer do so. Can I get a refund?

If you have regstered before midnight, August 7, 2020 you may cancel your ticket and receive a full refund as long as your cancellation has been made prior to 17th August. After the 17th August you may either transfer your registration, or receive 50% refund.

Last minute cancellations within 48 hours of the event commencement date and time (6am Friday August 28th 2020) will not be accepted or refunded. 

I'm having trouble connecting my device to my smart trainer, how do I do it?

FulGaz is compatible with all modern smart trainers. All of which connect via Bluetooth or ANT+. Visit the FulGaz website for trouble shooting advice here


How will Lifeline Australia be receiving their donations?

Lifeline Australia will be receiving 100% of every donation made via this event platform, through a directly linked account. The event organisers, partners and supporters will not be handling any of Lifeline Australia's donations - they will all be sent directly to Lifeline Australia.

How can I become a sponsor / event partner?

Please feel free to contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Why Lifeline Australia as your chosen charity partner?

With many people now working from home, restrictions imposed for physically socialising in various areas nationally, isolation has become quite a tremendous issue for many Australians. Lifeline Australia are a non for profit organisation, who rely on fundraising to solely keep their organisation going.

Right now, Lifeline Australia are experiencing over 3,000 calls daily. That's one call every 30 seconds. in 2019, it was estimated that there was over 5 million incoming calls - with approximately 1 million left unanswered due to lack of resources and increase in demand. Right now, more than ever, they need our support.